Helping Seniors ‘Rightsize’ Their Homes

By  Gail Seymour

 We all have a vision of a dream home.  As we grow older that vision changes and what we once thought of as our dream home is much different than it was when we were younger.  Changes to our lifestyle dictate what we are looking for or need in a home.

This change is often seen as unattainable due to the extremely difficult process of downsizing and moving.

Companies such as Senior Moves by Design provides individuals and families the emotional and physical assistance needed in making a change in their living arrangements. They offer a variety of services to facilitate a stress free move ensuring a smooth transition. These services are of benefit to anyone that is faced with the challenges of moving.

Holly Pajak , owner and founder of Senior Moves by Design, a Schenectady, NY based company found herself at a crossroads in her life when she decided to take her aging mother into her home to live.  An epiphany came to her as she thought about the responsibilities she had encountered as a daughter of aging parents,  overseeing her parent’s move from their four story home to a significantly smaller residence. The course of identifying which items to keep, which to donate and which to sell followed by how to utilize the kept items was daunting for her parents and without her help would have been nearly impossible.

Holly also realized that her 15 plus years of experience as a professional Interior Designer and spatial planner had been an invaluable tool within this process and decided to utilize that experience in assisting others in what can be an extremely difficult, personal and stressful time of their lives.

Redesign in Mind was born as an interior redesign and decluttering firm with a focus on its subsidiary Senior Moves by Design.  Holly’s organizational skills, energy, passion and compassion combined with her interior design experience and just being a “daughter” are invaluable tools for providing excellent service to all of her clients

Pajak says, “I work with people through the process of rightsizing, it has a lot to do with refining your personal character. When you decide it is time to edit your belongings, there are  various stages that you will go through.  It will involve feelings of emotion and could result in the total reinvention of your person.  It is the conscious and practical evolution in the way we live out our lives.  There are some major milestones you will find yourself moving through.   It is more than just giving away or selling your personal belongings.  This is a process of reforming your identity, moving above and beyond material attachment and letting go of old behaviors. I know this may feel scary, but consider it a cleansing process and remember you must first get rid of the old in order to let in the new.”

One of the key categories for Rightsizing your life is decluttering.  The goal, of course, is to carefully and systematically sort through your possessions keeping only what you love and need and letting go of the rest.  Be mindful of your choices and decisions and always allow yourself permission to change your mind…

Holly has over 20 years combined experience serving Schenectady, Saratoga,

Albany and Rensselaer counties. For further information, contact Redesign in

Mind at 518.339.7361 or visit their website at

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