History of The Conkling Center, Glens Falls NY

Monday, July 2, 2018 - By: Alison Michael

Picture from late 1800’s of what was previously called the Glens Falls Home

Present day picture of the now called Conkling Center in downtown Glens Falls, NY

In 1897 leading members of five area churches in the village of Glens Falls met to discuss the possibility of creating a residence for elderly women.  In 1899 Mary Conkling offered her home and property at the corner of Warren and McDonald Streets for the first Glens Falls Home.  The “Home” opened on June 26,1899.

William McEchron, a local lumber baron, offered to build a larger home and his generous offer was accepted.  The beautiful brick home on Warren Street was built at a cost of $30,000 and opened in 1903.  Over the years, hundreds of women made the lovely comfortable Glens Falls Home their home in their later years.

The Board of “The Home” recognizing the community need for a larger independent living facility as well as an updated adult home, formed a partnership with The Eddy of Troy to develop and build the Glen at Hiland Meadows.  The community was completed in 2001 and the women residing at the Glens Falls Home moved to the Terrace at The Glen.  The Warren Street building was subsequently sold.

The organization, known as the Glens Falls Home Inc., continued to operate as a private not-for-profit operating foundation.  In 2015, the organization re-branded to The Conkling Center, honoring Mary Conkling for her generosity in 1899.  Today The Conkling Center offers senior directed programs and services. The On-The-Go program transports individual seniors to their various appointments and social functions logging thousands of miles annually on the two cars. The informative programs offer a mix of educational and social opportunities.

A Board of Directors, five of whom also serve on The Glen Board, governs the Conkling Center.

“Our mission is to enhance the quality of life of seniors in the community, directly and indirectly by providing services, programs, and opportunities to meet their ever-changing needs.”

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